Neural-Fuzzy-Based Adaptive Sliding Mode Automatic Steering Control of Vision-based Unmanned Electric Vehicles [post]

Jinghua Guo, Keqiang Li, Jinjin Fan, Yugong Luo, Jingyao Wang
2020 unpublished
This paper presents a novel neural-fuzzy-based adaptive sliding mode automatic steering control strategy to improve the driving performance of vision-based unmanned electric vehicles with time-varying and uncertain parameters. Primarily, the kinematic and dynamic models which accurately express the steering behaviors of vehicles are constructed, and in which the relationship between the look-ahead time and vehicle velocity is revealed. Then, in order to overcome the external disturbances,
more » ... disturbances, parametric uncertainties and time-varying features of vehicles, a neural-fuzzy-based adaptive sliding mode automatic steering controller is proposed to surprise the lateral dynamic behavior of unmanned electric vehicles, which includes an equivalent control law and an adaptive variable structure control law. In this novel automatic steering control system of vehicles, a neural network system is utilized for approximating the switching control gain of variable structure control law, and a fuzzy inference system is presented to adjust the thickness of boundary layer in real-time. The stability of closed-loop neural-fuzzy-based adaptive sliding mode automatic steering control system is proven using the Lyapunov theory. Finally, The results illustrate that the presented control scheme has the excellent properties in term of error convergence and robustness.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:vv6erknl7rahnnaspcgbj6db3u