Primary productivity and phytoplankton diversity in relation to fisheries potential of the Lake Udai Sagar, Udaipur

Sarvesh Kumar, Sarvesh Kumar, Sarvesh Kumar, B Sharma, S Sharma, B Upadhyay
2015 International Journal of Fauna and Biological Studies   unpublished
The present investigation was done in February to April 2015 dealt with the phytoplankton diversity in relation to primary productivity of Lake Udai Sagar, Udaipur. In the present Physico-chemical features such as air and temperature, transparency, pH, alkalinity, free carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen, primary productivity , electrical conductivity, nitrate-nitrogen, orthophosphate and qualitative and quantitative estimation of phytoplankton. The study indicated that the mean primary
more » ... y (GPP) of reservoir Udai Sagar was found to be 0.50 g C m 3 h-1 in surface. On the basis of mean primary productivity, the fish production potential of reservoir Udai Sagar showed considerable scope for the enhancement of present average production.