Operation of a drive system using two independent PMSM motors in passenger lift door drives

A brushless direct-current (BLDC) and permanent-magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs) with permanent magnets are characterised by the highest operating parameters among all electric motors. High dynamics and the possibility of controlling their work improves the operating parameters of the drive system and reduces the operating costs of such a device. The high cost of these machines associated with the complexity of their construction is a serious barrier to increasing their range in small
more » ... n systems, where lower energy consumption does not give such spectacular financial profits. To reduce costs, manufacturers often limit the variety of manufactured engines so that by increasing the volume, the unit cost of the device can be minimised. This is often hindered by the implementation of projects deviating from standards where it is necessary to use drive systems of different power. The solution to this problem could be the use of two independent drive systems working in strict correlation to ensure sufficient operating parameters of the device. The article presents a method of controlling a drive system in which two propulsion systems with PMSM engines were used. These devices are communicated with each other by a serial bus, by means of which data necessary for the correct operation of motors connected by a drive belt are transmitted. Since these machines affect both the working machine and each other, it is necessary to optimise such a system so as to avoid excessive oscillation of the drive torque in the system.
doi:10.24425/aee.2019.125979 fatcat:pfqhh6e3mjam5nwodc3t7yfeq4