Capacitive Welding of SAE 10B22 Steel with SAE 1045, DOMEX 700MC and DOCOL DP 1000 Steels

Roger Navarro Verástegui, João Renato Fronza Spohr, Camila Pereira Lisboa, Richard Thomas Lermen
2021 Soldagem & Inspeção  
Como citar: Verástegui RN, Spohr JRF, Lisboa CP, Lermen RT. Capacitive welding of SAE 10B22 steel with SAE 1045, DOMEX 700MC and Abstract: The use of welding of dissimilar materials in the manufacture of different products, both in automobile and civil construction industry, is necessary and understanding the factors that may interfere in the quality of the final product is important for its correct development. So, the main aim of this work was to perform the capacitive welding of different
more » ... ing of different steels, evaluating the effect of different energies on the microstructural evolution and hardness profiles of the welded region. Three different steels were used as base materials (SAE 1045 carbon steel, DOMEX 700MC steel, and DOCOL DP 1000 steel), which were attached to a SAE 10B22 steel pin. To weld, the steels, a bank of capacitors was used, which allows different energies. The characterization of the materials was carried out through hardness verification and metallographic characterization tests. The results show that the capacitive discharge welding process generates a heataffected zone (HAZ) of short extension, regardless of the type of steel and the average welding energy. For the three types of steel that were used and for the different average welding energies, the microstructure formed in the HAZ was martensite.
doi:10.1590/0104-9224/si26.05 fatcat:e6oi6w5xkbd5bbqxsditq5qt5u