Numerical Analysis of Rigid Frame Joint with Textile Carbon Reinforcement

Jiří Žalský, Tomáš Vlach, Lenka Laiblová, Zuzana Jirkalová, Jakub Řepka, Petr Hájek
2019 Solid State Phenomena  
Benefit of textile reinforced concrete (TRC) is absent of necessary concrete cover because of the durabulity. It allows creating concrete slabs only about 10 mm thick. Therefore, TRC going to be very popular, and more often used in design and load-bearing structures. Big problem in designing of load-bearing structures are rigid frames. The aim of this paper is clarify behavior of thin concrete rigid frames with carbon textile reinforcement by numerical analysis and influences of carbon
more » ... ment anchoring to the crack opening. Model was created in Atena Science as 2D model and necessary parameters were determined by experimental tests.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:d4j7vbfs3jbndf7sdk5niswzhm