Prevalence of cirrhotic cardiomyopathy

Thirumal Perumal
Aim To study the frequency of cirrhotic cardiomyopathy in liver cirrhosis patients and its correlation with severity of liver disease.Method This is a case series study conducted in Department of Digestive health and Disease, a tertiary care hospital in Chennai over the period from july 2012 Oct-2013. First, resting ECG was done in enrolled cirrhotic patients. QTc values were calculated and value 0.44 sec were considered as prolonged. Systolic dysfunction was assessed by reduced ejection
more » ... n (value 55). Dia-stolic dysfunction assessed by reduced EA ratio (value 1).Cirrhotic cardiomyopa-thy(CCM) is diagnosed by presence of evidence of either systolic or diastolic dysfunction, together with prolonged QTc.Results A total of 106 patients were selected for the study, out of which 96 (90.5) were male and 10 (9.5) were female. The mean age was 46.5 years (10.8 SD). Out of 106 patients 15 (14.2) belonged to child Pugh A, 21(19.8) to child-Pugh B and 70(66) in child-Pugh C. EA ratio 1 in 34(32.1) cases, prolong QT interval (0.44sec) in 29(27.8), Ejection fraction (EF) 0. 55 was present in 19(17.9) patients. Cirrhotic cardiomyopathy was present in 39(36.7) cases and frequency correlates directly with severity of liver disease. There was no significant difference in frequency of CCM among alcoholics and non-alcoholics.Conclusion Cirrhotic cardio-myopathy is present in 36 percent of cir-rhotic patients and significantly more in child C group. Presence of this clinical entity may have major impact on prognosis in these patient.