Government orders and notices

1921 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
GOVERNMEP(T OBDERS AND HOTICES. - ~V E I I S F I \ S T i i a D~: (CIIEDITS A S D ISSUR.\SCE) i\CT , 19m.-Hy. nn ordcr of thc 13onrcl of Trntlo of Fcbriinry 17, 1921, the country of Anstrin wns added to the Schedule to tho Act.. DECO~TIIOL oy Co.\],.--Th? Board O f TMdC ha6 notified, nndcr (lato 1Jel)ronry 1 4 , that tho Directiorla issrid i\ugust. 25, 1920, rclnting to m:isiniiim pithcntl priccs for co:il riolcl for liomo consnn~ptioii 311d for bunkering vessels will to h:ivo clfcct ati
more » ... from Jlarch 1, 1921. and niistnrrcj cont:~ii~i~i~s~~Ipl~atoaf nmmo!iin ; bnsic slag ; innnnrcs, cqri~pound, contnining cithcr sulplintc of nmnioiiin, supcrpl~osphntc of limo or potash ; snpcrphosphntcs. Applications for crport liccnccs shoultl continric to be ncldrcsscd to thc Lic~nsing Section, Bonrd of Tradc, Grcnt Gcorgc Strcct, Wcstniinstcr, S.W. 1. DUST ASD J l i s~r i r~~s TIIEI;EOY.-TIIO Sccrctnrg for 3finos hnr; issired notices unilcr tlrc Coal JIinw, Act, 1911, conccrning (11) the dctcrniinntion of combustiblo mntter in dust inixturcq which contnin cxdmintccj (Fcb. 14), and (Ir) tho tcsting of dugt
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