Streaming instabilities in a collisional dusty plasma

A. A. Mamun, P. K. Shukla
2000 Physics of Plasmas  
A § pair of low-frequency electrostatic modes, which are very similar to those experimentally observed by Praburam and Goree © Phys. Plasmas 3 , 1212 1996 , are found to exist in a dusty plasma with a significant background neutral pressure and background ion streaming. One of these two modes is the dust-acoustic mode and the other one is a new mode which is due to the combined effects of the ion streaming and ion-neutral collisions. It has been shown that in the absence of the ion streaming,
more » ... he ion streaming, the dust-acoustic mode is damped due to the combined effects of the ion-neutral and dust -neutral collisions and the electron-ion recombination onto the dust grain surface. This result disagrees with Kaw and Singh Phys. ! Rev. Lett. 79 " , 423 # 1997$ % , who reported collisional instability of the dust-acoustic mode in such a dusty plasma. It has also been found that a streaming instability with & the growth rate of the order of the dust plasma frequency is triggered when the background ion streaming ' speed relative to the charged dust particles is comparable or higher than the ion-thermal speed. ' This point completely agrees with Rosenberg (
doi:10.1063/1.1315305 fatcat:wm2a2yfk6nf3tpfawezhxzduoe