A Study on a Method for Measuring the Alpha Emitters from $^{242}$Cm in Neutron Capture Reactions of $^{241}$Am

Liu DONG, Jong-Kwan WOO*, Seoktae KOH, Se Byeong LEE
2015 New Physics Sae Mulli  
The reaction rate of neutron capture reaction of 241 Am can be evaluated through measurements of the alpha (α) particles from 242 Cm. However, alpha spectrometry requires the adjustment of samples into a chemically-isolated form to prevent or reduce interferences due to α emitted by multiple α-emitting nuclides. To avoid the need for a complex chemical separation process, we propose a new method for detecting the α emitted from 242 Cm. In this method, a filter device is employed to absorb the α
more » ... yed to absorb the α emitted from 241 Am and its products, but not the α emitted by 242 Cm. In order to determine the thickness of the filter, we used a Monte Carlo program to calculate the penetration depths of the α particles of interest and of unrelated α particles for various thicknesses of the filter. The calculation results suggested that a 25.75 µm thick aluminum absorber is an ideal filter. With this filter, the α's emitted from 242 Cm can be measured by using ordinary detectors, and the accuracy of measurement made by using high-resolution semiconductor detectors can be increased. PACS numbers: 95.30.Jx, 96.25.Tg
doi:10.3938/npsm.65.1252 fatcat:45ntfqyguzajdnwfs5g5ey65zi