Stability Analyses and Cable Bolt Support Design for A Deep Large-Span Stope at the Hongtoushan Mine, China

Zhao, Li, Zhang, Yang
2019 Sustainability  
This study presents stability analyses and a cable bolt support design for a typical deep large-span stope (1-1# stope) at the Hongtoushan mine in China, using an integrated empirical and numerical method. Detailed field work including quantification of joint distribution and surface quality, along with laboratory test on intact rock samples, were performed to obtain the geotechnical properties of rock masses. The rock mass of the 1-1# stope was characterized by rock mass rating (RMR), rock
more » ... ing (RMR), rock mass quality (Q), and geological strength index (GSI), and then the modulus, peak strength, cohesive strength, and internal friction angle of the rock mass were estimated. The stability of the stope was then evaluated by empirical (RMR, stability graph) and numerical approaches (limit equilibrium analyses with UNWEDGE and stress-strain analyses with FLAC3D), considering of the effects of rock mass quality, induced stress, and large-span. A cable bolt support system obtained from the empirical method, was then further analyzed using the FLAC3D and UNWEDGE codes. The results show that the maximum plastic zone thickness and vertical displacement at the stope roof decrease significantly and the safety factor of the unstable wedge block increases significantly after installing the cable bolt support systems recommended by the empirical method. Therefore, it is suggested that an integrated empirical and numerical method is used to obtain quantitative stability assessment and optimum cable bolt support design for deep large-span stope roofs.
doi:10.3390/su11216134 fatcat:swzaq5nwxvfevmehpy6mtaecjy