Child Labour and The Progress Towards The Attainment of the Education For All (EFA) Goals in

Nigeria Author, Godwin Ikwuyatum
Child labour is a major challenge for the attainment of the goals of Education for All (EFA) in Nigeria. The paper examined the state of child labour in Nigeria and its consequence on the progress towards the attainment of the goals of EFA in Nigeria by the year 2015. The paper argued that child labour can be traced to the culture of the people, which has lots of traits, which are inimical to the goals of Education for All, in particular,for children. The Nigerian government has shown
more » ... has shown commitment to the EFA plan, however, ineffective implementation of policies and inadequate funding of the educational sector generally are major challenges. Combating child labour and attaining the goals of Education for All in Nigeria, therefore, require the synergy of government at all levels, the private sector and all other stakeholders in the educational sector, in Nigeria.