The Nanaimo Free Press [Friday, September 16, 1921] [article]

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Deeideljn General Election URFRIll,!i CUIM Win.PM^miTP imricinHiSiil nnr.o. nAnm»-----;;7"n.."____ __________________ ________ limiLS CIM MSMSIE Const to Coast. In CunflilcDt Liberal Ottawa. Sept. 16-Hon. W. L. JJackenrif Klnit. from National Lib-W1LLP80SECDTE niEON IRDERCilillKiE TO IKE TRIP AROiDWOP jjaclteniif Kirnt. irom -National Lib-trict attorney announced in the do cral headquarters here, last night lice court today that the -People ^ forwarded B message to his followers raaiiv ...._Î
more » ... triet .\liorne, 8utcs. People are RtNidy to Proceed With Murder Cliante Against Movie 8Ur.
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