Rationing of work of veterinary specialists serving small domestic, ornamental and wild animals

Ivan N. Nikitin, Elena N. Trofimova, Sultan A. Usupov, Natalia A. Nikiforova, R. Nizamov, A. Valiev, A. Taylan, F. Nezhmetdinova, B. Ziganshin
2020 BIO Web of Conferences  
Veterinary specialists have been rationing the work in the Russian Federation for more than 60 years. During this period, a lot of material has been accumulated on the development of scientific, methodological and regulatory problems. Recommendations on the regulation of labor of specialists in the field of veterinary medicine have been developed and approved: the time standards for the implementation of anti-epizootic, treatment-and-prophylactic, veterinary-sanitary measures for servicing
more » ... for servicing cattle, pigs, horses, sheep, birds; diagnostic tests carried out by veterinary laboratories, and veterinary and sanitary examination of animal and vegetable products as well. The market of veterinary services in the cities of our country requires the expansion of the list of veterinary services in the field of servicing small domestic, decorative, exotic and wild animals. The article presents: features of the regulation of labor of veterinary specialists; classification of veterinary work depending on their direction, labor capacity, significance for ensuring epizootic well-being; norms of time for performing about 300 types of veterinary work when servicing small pets, 35 wild animals, 32 decorative and exotic animals. The established norms of labor costs for the implementation of veterinary measures in small domestic, decorative, exotic and wild animals will be used for: analysis of personnel support for veterinary institutions; planning their staffing levels; studying the effectiveness of the use of labor resources; establishing reasonable prices for paid veterinary work; determination of reserves for increasing labor productivity of veterinary specialists.
doi:10.1051/bioconf/20202700083 fatcat:se7t7azfibehpanrgbpgd5mcyy