Stosowanie prawa a kontrola jego konstytucyjności zdania odrębne Profesora Leona Kieresa do wyroków Trybunału Konstytucyjnego

Anna Piszcz
2018 Przegląd Prawa i Administracji  
THE APPLICATION OF LAW AND THE CONTROL OF ITS CONSTITUTIONALITY DISSENTING OPINIONS FILED BY PROFESSOR LEON KIERES REGARDING THE JUDGMENTS OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL TRIBUNALThis article provides readers with information relating to dissenting opinions fi led by Prof. Leon Kieres regarding the judgments of the Constitutional Tribunal. The intention of the author is to present Professor's views on the application of law in various contexts. Therefore, separate subsections present a review of his
more » ... review of his ideas on the following topics: the application of law and the ability to complain to the Constitutional Tribunal, the incorrect application of law/ignorance of law and the assessment of constitutionality, the application of the unconstitutional law and the need for control, the future practice of applying the law and its constitutionality.
doi:10.19195/0137-1134.114.12 fatcat:owm4ogrjqbbuncsocxqyuz46d4