Influence Parameter Research on the Low Cycle Fatigue Life for Welded I-Section Bracings

Qilian Li, Haifeng Yu, Shoujun Du
2012 Procedia Earth and Planetary Science  
A survey of past test and numerical simulation studies on the low cycle fatigue behaviour of the welded I-section bracing members subjected to constant amplitude cyclic axial displacement was carried out. Based on the numerical simulation results, some empirical formulas for estimating the low cycle fatigue life are presented and compared with the empirical formulas obtained by tests. It's found that the web plate height-thickness ratio h 0 /t w has no significant effect on the low cycle
more » ... he low cycle fatigue life, and the flange width-thickness ratio b/t and the slenderness  are the most important parameters for estimating the low cycle fatigue life. In view of the low cycle fatigue life increasing with the decrease in the flange width-thickness ratio and the increase in the brace slenderness ratio, small flange widththickness ratio and large slenderness ratio should be adopted in the brace design on the premise of "no buckling under frequent earthquake".
doi:10.1016/j.proeps.2012.01.028 fatcat:mqw7u4p6rrg77log3ad3wbdghy