Thermoelectric Sensor Coupled Yagi–Uda Nanoantenna for Infrared Detection

Waleed Tariq Sethi, Olivier De Sagazan, Mohamed Himdi, Hamsakutty Vettikalladi, Saleh A. Alshebeili
2021 Electronics  
We present an experimental demonstration of a thermoelectric sensor coupled with a nanoantenna as an alternative option for detecting infrared energy. Two nanoantenna design (single element and an array) variations based on Yagi-Uda technology and one separate nano-thermoelectric junction array were fabricated and tested. The nanoantennas were tuned to operate and respond at a center wavelength of 1550 nm (193.5 THz) optical C-band window, but they also exhibited a resonance response when
more » ... d by lasers of various wavelengths (650 nm and 940 nm). The radiation-induced electric currents in the nanoantennas, coupled with a nano-thermoelectric sensor, produced a potential difference as per the Seebeck effect. With respect to the uniform thermal measurements of the reference nanoantenna, the experiments confirmed the detection properties of the proposed nanoantennas; the single element detected a peak percentage voltage hike of 28%, whereas the array detected a peak percentage voltage hike of 80% at the center wavelength. Compared to state-of-the-art thermoelectric designs, this was the first time that such peak percentage voltages were experimentally reported following a planar design based on the Seebeck principle.
doi:10.3390/electronics10050527 fatcat:2moq5ax2sjhb7ldtlsygskzozy