Paper Mulberry Fruit Juice: a Novel Biomass Resource For Bioethanol Production [post]

Pleasure Chisom Ajayo, Mei Huang, Li Zhao, Dong Tian, Qin Jiang, Shihuai Deng, Yongmei Zeng, Fei Shen
2021 unpublished
By way of broadening the use of diverse sustainable bioethanol feedstocks, the potentials of Paper mulberry fruit juice (PMFJ), as a non-food, sugar-based substrate, was for the first time evaluated for fuel ethanol production. Without any external nutrient supplementation, the suitability of PMFJ was proven, as maximum ethanol concentration (56.4 g/L), and yield (0.39 g/g), were achieved within half a day of the start of fermentation, corresponding to a very high ethanol productivity of 4.7
more » ... /hr. Using Response Surface Methodology, established potentials were further maximized through statistical optimization of process conditions of temperature (20 – 40 ⁰C), yeast concentration (0.5 – 2 g/L), and pH (4 – 6). At the optimal temperature of 30 ⁰C, inoculum size of 0.55 g/L, and pH of 5, ethanol concentration, productivity, and yield obtained were 73.69 g/L, 4.61 g/L/hr, and 0.48 g/g, respectively. Under this ideal process conditions, bioethanol from PMFJ compares favorably with typical sugar-based energy crops, highlighting its resourcefulness as a high value biomass resource for fuel ethanol production.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:emgt2pvonbfgrkvm2lfikn2z4i