Towards Comprehensive Recommender Systems: Time-Aware UnifiedcRecommendations Based on Listwise Ranking of Implicit Cross-Network Data [article]

Dilruk Perera, Roger Zimmermann
2020 arXiv   pre-print
The abundance of information in web applications make recommendation essential for users as well as applications. Despite the effectiveness of existing recommender systems, we find two major limitations that reduce their overall performance: (1) inability to provide timely recommendations for both new and existing users by considering the dynamic nature of user preferences, and (2) not fully optimized for the ranking task when using implicit feedback. Therefore, we propose a novel deep learning
more » ... based unified cross-network solution to mitigate cold-start and data sparsity issues and provide timely recommendations for new and existing users.Furthermore, we consider the ranking problem under implicit feedback as a classification task, and propose a generic personalized listwise optimization criterion for implicit data to effectively rank a list of items. We illustrate our cross-network model using Twitter auxiliary information for recommendations on YouTube target network. Extensive comparisons against multiple time aware and cross-network base-lines show that the proposed solution is superior in terms of accuracy, novelty and diversity. Furthermore, experiments conducted on the popular MovieLens dataset suggest that the proposed listwise ranking method outperforms existing state-of-the-art ranking techniques.
arXiv:2008.13516v1 fatcat:qw27hdqasjaatnqyw5ve5g6rje