The Best-Annotation Award 1993

1994 ICGA Journal  
and M-CHESS PRo 3.5 (by M. Hirsch, San Rafael, CA, USA). The game set to be annotated was the 10 th game of the PCA match between Kasparov and Short. The process of adjudication has been conducted as follows. Entrants have submitted their programs on diskettes to David Levy. It was the latter who determined the game to be annotated. Needless to say, entrants were unaware which game this was when they submitted their programs. Subsequently, the program moves were entered manually by the Deputy
more » ... itor of this Journal. Under his supervision, the programs entered were run against the moves so recorded. With the independence of the game selected and the programs entered thus guaranteed, the output for an evaluation by the jury was produced. While M-CHESS PRo 3.5 produced a printout of the principal continuations and scores after each move, it was only THE CHESSMASTER 4000 TURBO which provided genuine annotations as chess-players understand the term. Accordingly, the jury, nominated by the Board and consisting of David Levy, Jonathan Schaeffer and Jaap van den Herik, declares THE CHESSMASTER 4000 TURBO to be the first winner of the Best-Annotation Award. Below, we reproduce the annotations provided by THE CHESSMASTER 4000 TURBO, running on a 66 MHz 486 DX2, at 120 seconds per move.
doi:10.3233/icg-1994-17217 fatcat:43oa4nd3drfubcdz624ucyf2hq