Informing South African Students about Information Systems

Mike Hart
2002 Informing Science  
I In nf fo or rm mi in ng g S So ou ut th h A Af fr ri ic ca an n S St tu ud de en nt ts s a ab bo ou ut t I In nf fo or rm ma at ti io on n S Sy ys st te em ms s Abstract At the University of Cape Town, females and students disadvantaged under the previous South African apartheid education system are under-represented in Information Systems (I.S.) classes. This research shows that these are also the groups most ignorant about I.S. at the school-leaving stage. After being informed about the
more » ... ipline through a small intervention, a significant increase in enthusiasm for majoring in and being employed in I.S. occurred. This should result in a better educational fit and greater enrolment of these groups in I.S., and reduce some switching to I.S. from other subjects at a later stage. The key influencing sources for university students' study decisions are also examined, and it is evident that a different approach is needed for each group in order to maximize the number of quality I.S. graduates.
doi:10.28945/545 fatcat:d7fuh3up5jhlxntwdixhrgs2za