"ThereAndHere" Project

Regina Dorokhova, St.-Petersburg, Russia, Sofya Kassaye
Nowadays GPS module has widely spread on the different mobile devices. Meanwhile location based services are just beginning to be applied in daily life and not all its possibilities are used. We are sure that modern technologies should serve for important social needs besides entertainment. In our world time and location have a key role in the human life. Almost for every person deals with people whose location does matter to him. And some people such as children, ill people need a special care
more » ... need a special care of their nearest and dearest. Many employers want to know where their employees are located in the work time. It is an urgent problem today. Some cell phone operators offer services trying to solve this problem. But this solution is not effective because it is difficult in use, non-free, not enough exact and has pure functionality. We offer solution based on the open-source platform Geo2tag and on application for user's mobile device. A user of our system can switch on tracking himself and his location data would be sent to Geo2tag platform. It will allow him to view his location on map, to inform about his location friends in social networks, to get reports and statistics about his movement. Also a user has a possibility to track people important for him or to be tracked. The second situation is possible only in the condition when a person who agrees to be tracked communicates his unique login in the Geo2tag system to a person he relies on. If a user tracks another person he can: get the information about location of that person any time; bound area for that person and get a notify signal if the person leaves bounded area; get a notify signal if that person is not available for tracking and get his or her last location; view information about movement of that person on the map; get a report and statistics about movement of that person.