Extension of Real Wave Quantum Mechanics to Three Dimensions

Ewins Ron
2022 Zenodo  
Real Wave Quantum Mechanics (RWQM) seeks to demonstrate that standard Quantum Mechanics (QM) can be derived from first principles based entirely on the interactions of real waves in an underlying universal medium. This paper extends previous work on 1 and 2 dimensional applications which used discrete linear/grid structures of entities known as Field Rotators (FRs). It is shown that FRs can be extended continuously in the 3rd dimension to give threadlike forms named FReds. Although continuous,
more » ... t is shown that the 3rd dimension can be discretized to simplify calculations. Results are similar to those from Schr\"odinger's equation and can be viewed interactively from within the document or directly from the Zenodo site by downloading the appropriate html file. The meaning and role of phase in standard QM is made clear and intuitive by the RWQM approach.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.6962333 fatcat:2n7ldmpw6fgjjajy2nx2tjo3ty