Why is it important to understand substrates if we are to optimize exogenous enzyme efficacy?1

R. Angel, J. O. B. Sorbara
2014 Poultry Science  
The use of exogenous enzymes in feeds for poultry has increased dramatically between 1990 and 2013. Today, the use of enzymes is broad, going beyond phytases and β-glucanases and xylanases to include other carbohydrases and proteases as well as lipases. The number of scientific articles and publications related to enzymes in feed clearly shows that this has been an area of intense and broad interest for scientists and nutritionists. However, knowledge of the different substrates available in
more » ... feed and how these substrates change depending on feed ingredient selection has not received the same level of attention. Understanding substrates is key to better developing and implementing exogenous enzymes. Of importance today is to potentiate endogenous digestive capabilities and use exogenous enzymes to optimize nutrient digestion and use. Our aim with this symposium was to call attention to the importance of having a more in-depth knowledge about substrates and to fill the large gaps in our current understanding of the digestive processes in poultry.
doi:10.3382/ps.2013-03869 pmid:25012851 fatcat:a5tml5bc3rbjzjzqj6viv5uje4