Crude glycerol as substrate for oleaginous yeasts 作为含油酵母基板的粗甘油

Heike Kahr, Manuel Pointner, Klaus Krennhuber, Alexander Jäger
Diverse oleaginous yeasts can grow and accumulate lipid on a broad range of competitive substrates. In this study crude glycerol from conventional biodiesel production was used as the substrate for lipid production via oleaginous yeasts. Various cultivation conditions were tested-different C/N ratios, temperatures and addition of salts. Candida lipolytica, Yarrowia lipolytica, Trichosporon fermentans produced up to maximum of 22 % (w/w) lipid relating to the biomass at specific cultivation
more » ... tions. Scale up experiments revealed the further challenges of the lipid production via oleaginous yeasts-adhesion of the yeast, production of citric acid, low biomass and lipid yield. The lipid yield was 17 % (w/w) relating to the biomass despite addition of detergent.