On Wave Nature of Matter

V Etkin
The article proves the alternative concept of the wave structure of matter. It shows the existence in a non-baryonic (dark) matter of the Universe of standing density waves with dipole properties. When condensation of a non-baryonic substance, these waves transform it into a baryonic (light) substance by forming in it various closed wave structures with particle-like properties. The mathematical description of processes of structuring of non-baryonic matter proposed in the article explains the
more » ... ppearance of new properties (degrees of freedom) in baryonic matter by its polarization. Wave processes in baryonic matter excite running waves in non-baryonic matter, which gives it the properties of a luminiferous medium and makes the baryonic matter visible. The article shows that such a concept allows us to take a fresh look at a number of phenomena that are difficult to explain from the standpoint of corpuscular theories, and finds all the new experimental confirmations. Keywords: alternative to atomism, waves of dark matter, particle-like wave, closed waves, formation and structuring processes, non-baryonic and baryonic matter transformation, wave structures, strong gravity, unity of interactions, experimental confirmation "What we currently consider as particles are actually waves" E. Schrödinger [1]