Multi-Criteria Decision Making Using ELECTRE

S. A. Sahaaya Arul Mary, G. Suganya
2016 Circuits and Systems  
Requirements prioritization is one of the key factors in deciding the success of the project and hence the software industry. One of the major concerns in software prioritization techniques is that the existing ranking techniques have a very modest support to different criteria used by stakeholders to present their ranking. The current techniques are not suitable for arriving at an optimized view of multiple stakeholders using multiple criteria. This research analyzes the issues in existing
more » ... niques. A web based decision support model using ELECTRE as the method for prioritization is proposed. ELECTRE is a multi-criteria decision making model that is proved to be effective in ranking several decision making problems. The proposed system takes input from multiple stakeholders using 100-point method. An optimized ranking is obtained using ELECTRE method. The developed system is validated using a pilot project and is found to be efficient in terms of saving cost of implementation and man-hours needed for implementation.
doi:10.4236/cs.2016.76085 fatcat:ansc7jz7w5febdi7ews6xp6onm