Innovative process for concentration of fine particle coal slurries. Technical report, September 1--November 30, 1995 [report]

M. Rajchel, D. Harnett, A. Fonseca, R. Maurer, H.P. Ehrlinger
1995 unpublished
Williams Technologies, Inc. and Clarke Rajchel Engineering are developing a technology (patent pending) to produce high quality coal water slurries from preparation plant fine coal streams. The WTYCRE technology uses the novel implementation of high-shear cross-flow separation which replaces and enhances conventional thickening processes by surpassing normally achievable solids loadings. Dilute ultra-fine (minus 100 mesh) solids slurries can be concentrated to greater than 60 weight percent and
more » ... re-mixed, as required, with de-watered coarser fractions to produce pumpable, heavily loaded coal slurries. The permeate (filtrate) resulting from this process has been demonstrated to be crystal clear and totally free of suspended solids. The primary objective of this project is to demonstrate the WTYCRE coal slurry production process technology at the pilot scale. The technology will enable Illinois coal producers and users to realize significant cost and environmental benefits both by eliminating fine coal waste disposal problems and producing an IGCC he1 to produce power which meets all foreseeable clean air standards. In addition, testing is also directed at concentrating mine tailings material to produce a tailings paste which can be mine-backfilled and thus eliminate the need for tailings ponds.
doi:10.2172/257332 fatcat:ahaekcskzrabdgz5bmvkzaucz4