Microrelays for batch transfer integration in RF systems

V. Milanovic, M. Maharbiz, A. Singh, B. Warneke, Ningning Zhou, H.K. Chan, K.S.J. Pister
Proceedings IEEE Thirteenth Annual International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (Cat. No.00CH36308)  
This paper presents the first implementation of batch-transferred microrelays for a broad range of RF applications and substrates. The transferred relays include a variety of electrostatic pull-down type structures, as well as see-saw type structures. The batch-transfer methodology allows integration of optimized MEMS in RF systems on substrates such as sapphire, GaAs, and even CMOS. Gold-togold contact series microrelays with insertion loss of <0.15 dB, and isolation better than 36 dB at
more » ... than 36 dB at frequencies from 45 MHz to 40.0 GHz are demonstrated, as well as shunt switches with >40 dB of isolation and <0.12 dB insertion loss in that frequency range. A novel device structure which combines the benefits of see-saw operation and both shunt and series switching was shown to improve isolation of a single switch by ~8 dB while maintaining low insertion loss.
doi:10.1109/memsys.2000.838618 fatcat:dvjzutpqzbgdde7ypvygrlifwq