Why do they sweat? Body (dis)satisfaction and evaluation of health and body attractiveness among young men taking regular gym exercises

Stanisław Seidel
2015 The New Educational Review  
Studies on men's body image are becoming increasingly popular. Th ey show that body dissatisfaction may lead to certain health disorders (depressive mood, bigorexia, anxiety). Th is study focuses on the diff erences in body dissatisfaction among young men who work out to reach diff erent aims (to increase, strengthen or to shape muscle mass). Body dissatisfaction was measured using the Bodybuilder Image Grid Scale. Th e results of this study show that there are no signifi cant diff erences
more » ... t diff erences between men who exercise in gyms using diff erent types of work-out. However, there is a signifi cant diff erence between men who exercise to gain muscle mass and those who do not work out at all; the fi rst group is less satisfi ed with their bodies as far as fat mass is concerned. Moreover, the evaluation of health and body attractiveness was measured using the questionnaire 'Your values' and asking men about the hypothetical possibility of giving up their longevity for a perfect body. Th e results indicate that men who exercise tend to treat health more instrumentally than those who do not train. Finally, those who train regularly fi nd attractiveness of the body much more important than those who do not exercise at all.
doi:10.15804/tner.2015.42.4.22 fatcat:z2j5nr36dvdjhkh5m5go3xlbpa