Eigenvalue Approach to Thermoelastic Interactions in an Unbounded Body with a Spherical Cavity

A Lahiri, B Das, S Sarkar
The problem of a thermoelastic interaction without energy dissipation of homogeneous and isotropic infinite medium with a spherical cavity is considered. Exact expressions for temperature distribution , stress and displacement components are obtained in Laplace transform domain for three different cases-(i) surface is stress free and subjected a thermal shock acting only for a finite period of time L. (ii) surface is stress free and subjected to a ramp-type increase in heating and (iii) surface
more » ... is assumed to maintain the constant reference temperature T 0 and subjected to a ramp-type increase in boundary load. A numerical approach is implemented for the inversion of Laplace transform in order to obtain the solution in physical domain. Finally numerical computations of the stress, temperature and displacement have been made and presented graphically.