Implications of Relationship Social Comparison Tendencies Among Dating and Married Individuals [dataset]

Grace A. White
2012 PsycEXTRA Dataset   unpublished
The current study examines the construct of relationship social comparison orientation, which deals with an individual's propensity to compare his or her romantic relationship to that of others' romantic relationships on various dimensions, in both dating and married samples. The study also examines the role of relationship uncertainty general social comparison orientation was unrelated to satisfaction. Findings, additionally, show significant convergence on self-reported and spouse ratings of
more » ... ersonality, in the married sample, for Big 5 traits as well as for relational comparison tendencies and general social comparison orientation. Positive affect relational comparisons were found to have a small positive association with satisfaction, suggesting that some comparison processes are not maladaptive and may serve to bolster relationship functioning.
doi:10.1037/e648682012-001 fatcat:nbjkjugauvakddb4g4ghrzhnzq