Untersuchungen zur Regulation von NFATc1/c2 durch die onkogene PI3K-Signalkaskade im duktalen Adenokarzinom des Pankreas [thesis]

Stephan Linus Bartholomä, Universität Ulm
NFATc1/c2 are central players in the development of the ductal adenocarcinoma of the pancreas. We could show that concerning the regulation of NFATc1/c2, the PI3Kinase and downstream mediators like AKT have an influence on the localization and the DNA-binding of NFATc1/c2 in human pancreatic cancer cell lines. Therefore, the PI3Kinase, AKT and NFATc1/c2 are potential targets for new therapeutic treatments.
doi:10.18725/oparu-2153 fatcat:dnqgxt6pvrbalcvfklgfpjpsqi