K-Pop Music Worldwide and Digital Marketing Role in Brazil

Patricia Portugal Marques de C, Sang Yong Kim
2016 Asia Marketing Journal  
K-Pop is hugely promoted offline/online in East Asia, while efforts to promote it elsewhere are kept to a minimum. Whilst addressing the role of digital marketing in the promotion of K-Pop in the Brazilian music industry this study aims to demonstrate that K-pop will provide its audience with a unique and engaging experience if it thinks globally and acts locally in its marketing and communication strategies. A survey of K-Pop's world fan base was carried out online with 1,074 fans to determine
more » ... the validity of the hypothesis. The results have demonstrated the need to adapt global and intercultural strategies to local markets with increasing brand awareness through utilizing digital marketing. For example, to increase K-Pop's popularity and market share in Brazil, it is not required to sing in Brazilian Portuguese, contrary to what might be perceived but fully singing in English would help breaking into the market dominated by domestic music as songs would have a higher probability to be included in the international soundtrack of a Brazilian telenovela and promote the K-Pop artist not only across Brazil but also give the artist exposure in all the markets the Brazilian telenovela is exported to, opening an entry door to those markets. K-Pop audience segmentation and psychographic profiling is crucial to the understanding of each market's consumer's preferences, likes, dislikes and their buying habits as it was proven through Brazil's digital media, social media, digital music market and K-Pop market analysis within the global context of the study. It should be also considered that brand extensions are not standard everywhere and that there are cultures where different product categories are not directly associated with its main corporate owner which requires extensive local market knowledge to succeed. The primary and secondary data research that we conducted for this study intended to demonstrate that K-Pop can be successful in Brazil and in Latin America and increase their local and regional market share if digital marketing and communication strategies are tailored to each individual market.
doi:10.53728/2765-6500.1412 fatcat:qbbgqqk4sngelco6dxcxgubvxy