Model distribúcie úžitkových zložiek a škodlivín, ako základných kvalitatívnych parametrov magnezitového ložiska Bankov-Košice a jeho prezentácia v prostredí GIS

Peter Blišťan, Marek Pauco
2005 Acta Montanistica Slovaca Ročník   unpublished
Model of distribution of valuable minerals and harmfull pollutants as basic qualitative parameters of magnesite deposit Bankov - Košice and its presentation by GIS Magnesite deposits are in principle the only non-ore mineral deposits in Slovakia, which are mined economically using underground methods. Their reserves and output represent an important part of the world reserves and output. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to the analysis and modeling of geological-economical and
more » ... ental parameters influencing the mining of Slovak magnesite deposits. The quality of raw material or deposit is in the first place among factors influencing the industrial output of magnesites. This parameter significantly influences the mining and processing technology. New methods of prospecting, exploration and reserve calculations need a re-evaluation of existing criteria for the determination of economical importance. Modern technologies are also capable utilizing previous noneconomical parts of deposit what causes a need for the re-evaluation of existing methods of the ore reserves determination and for the introduction and testing of modern methods of the ore reserves determination. The usage of new computer methods in these areas will enable the automatization and rationalization of the mineral deposit extraction. This will have a positive influence on the effectivity of the mineral deposit extraction. Using GIS methods in geology in recent years increased considerably because of improving the hardware equipment but also creating the pressure of competition on the quality of outputs. Another reasons are the increasing personnel qualification and accessibility of vector and raster basic data. Unfortunately analytical possibilities are often not used sufficiently and a work is concentrated at the area of creation of graphical geological fenomenous and their presentation in the paper-form. The return of an investment put into purchasing of expensive hardware and software technologies can only be achieved of GIS data created within the range of the project.