Optimal Entanglement Distribution using Satellite Based Quantum Networks [article]

Nitish K. Panigrahy, Prajit Dhara, Don Towsley, Saikat Guha, Leandros Tassiulas
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Recent technological advancements in satellite based quantum communication has made it a promising technology for realizing global scale quantum networks. Due to better loss distance scaling compared to ground based fiber communication, satellite quantum communication can distribute high quality quantum entanglements among ground stations that are geographically separated at very long distances. This work focuses on optimal distribution of bipartite entanglements to a set of pair of ground
more » ... ons using a constellation of orbiting satellites. In particular, we characterize the optimal satellite-to-ground station transmission scheduling policy with respect to the aggregate entanglement distribution rate subject to various resource constraints at the satellites and ground stations. We cast the optimal transmission scheduling problem as an integer linear programming problem and solve it efficiently for some specific scenarios. Our framework can also be used as a benchmark tool to measure the performance of other potential transmission scheduling policies.
arXiv:2205.12354v2 fatcat:uczvi47quffwzcarucmvuaph7u