Citizen Design Science: A strategy for crowd-creative urban design

Johannes Mueller, Hangxin Lu, Artem Chirkin, Bernhard Klein, Gerhard Schmitt
2018 Cities  
The last decades in urban design research are characterised by a focus on technological aspects of cities which is commonly known as the smart city strategy. The concerns and interests of citizens are coming to the forefront nowadays with the awareness that a liveable city does not only consist of good infrastructure and sustainable energy supply but also citizen input and feedback. In this paper, we present Citizen Design Science as a new strategy for cities to integrate citizens' ideas and
more » ... hes in the urban planning process. The approach is to combine the opportunity of crowdsourcing opinions and thoughts by citizens through modern information and communication technology (ICT) with active design tools. The active design feedback from a city's inhabitants is identified as a yet missing but essential way towards a responsive city. We therefore propose a system to merge Citizen Science and Citizen Design, which requires a structured evaluation process to integrate Design Science methods for urban design. We show examples of existing approaches of Citizen Design Science and present the Quick Urban Analysis Kit (qua-kit) as an application of this methodology. The toolkit allows users to move geometries in given environments and provides the opportunity for non-experts to express their ideas for their neighbourhood or city.
doi:10.1016/j.cities.2017.08.018 fatcat:7hjkyhcdfrgwpbb5g347tyfzli