An Example to Manufacturers

1871 Scientific American  
Jcitutifit change Qf wind Qr a heavy fall Qf rain, it falters in its wQrk Qf ruin. place thrQugh which a lady CQuld walk withQut fear Qf soil ing her dress, even if she WQre the unsightly train the sex affects SO' much under present fashiQns. The neatness Qf the place suggests the prQpriety, Qn the part Qf the visitQr, Qf carefully remQving all dust frQm his shQes befQre entering it. The appearance Qf the WQmen engaged at wQrk is entire ly in keeping with the surrQundings. They wear neat cali
more » ... ey wear neat cali cO' dresses, and have the air Qf being quite as refined and respectable as persQns engaged in tht: mQre fashiQnable and aristQcratic QccupatiQns Qf teachers, gQvernesses, and the like. In fact, the WQman questiQn here meets with its prQper SQlu tiQn. WQmen are enabled to' supPQrt themselves, to' lay up mQney, to' carry their share Qf the bui'thens quite as respect ably and independently as the men.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican10211871-263a fatcat:etqjenuu7vdh5euohyi6xmzrke