High-Precision Angle-Resolved Magnetometry with Uniaxial Quantum Centers in Silicon Carbide

D. Simin, F. Fuchs, H. Kraus, A. Sperlich, P. G. Baranov, G. V. Astakhov, V. Dyakonov
2015 Physical Review Applied  
We show that uniaxial color centers in silicon carbide with hexagonal lattice structure can be used to measure not only the strength but also the polar angle of the external magnetic field with respect to the defect axis with high precision. The method is based on the optical detection of multiple spin resonances in the silicon vacancy defect with quadruplet ground state. We achieve a perfect agreement between the experimental and calculated spin resonance spectra without any fitting
more » ... providing angle resolution of a few degrees in the magnetic field range up to several millitesla. Our approach is suitable for ensembles as well as for single spin-3/2 color centers, allowing for vector magnetometry on the nanoscale at ambient conditions.
doi:10.1103/physrevapplied.4.014009 fatcat:m4htwoj7kzffliryskk2p6eez4