Pore Scale Modeling of Reactive Transport Involved in Geologic CO2 Sequestration

Qinjun Kang, Peter C. Lichtner, Hari S. Viswanathan, Amr I. Abdel-Fattah
2009 Transport in Porous Media  
We apply a multi-component reactive transport lattice Boltzmann model developed in previolls studies to modeling the injection of a C02 saturated brine into various porous media structures at temperature T=25 and 80°C. The porous media are originally consisted of calcite. A chemical system consisting of Na+, Ca 2 +, Mg2+, H+, CO 2 (aq), and CI-is considered. The fluid flow, advection and diHusion of aqueous species, homogeneous reactions occurring in the bulk fluid, as weB as the dissolution of
more » ... calcite and precipitation of dolomite are simulated at the pore scale. The effects of porous media structure on reactive transport are investigated. The results are compared with continuum scale modeling and the agreement and discrepancy are discussed. This work may shed some light on the fundamental physics occurring at the pore scale for reactive transport involved in geologic C02 sequestration.
doi:10.1007/s11242-009-9443-9 fatcat:mhwqwb2mwzeidjhq4xi6gfniei