The outcomes of oral health promoting elderly clubs in Thailand

2021 Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health Reports  
Objective To compare the oral health-related behaviors and oral health status among the elders who lived in the area with the oral health-promoting elderly club and another area without a club Methods Samples from areas with and without oral health-promoting elderly clubs were compared. A structural questionnaire was used to collect demographic characteristics, oral health-related behaviors, and oral health outcomes. Descriptive statistics and the chi-square test were utilized. Results 695 from
more » ... 700 respondents' data were completed. Six oral health-related behaviors, which are brushing teeth after lunch, brushing teeth at night, using dental floss, using proxabrush, never smoking or quitting smoking, and consulting dental personnel when having oral health symptoms, presented a significantly higher proportion among the group from areas with oral health-promoting elderly clubs. Having at least four pairs of occlusal teeth was the only outcome that was significantly different between the groups. Conclusions Oral health-promoting elderly clubs were associated with six behaviors and outcomes. By the way, smoking behavior needs more addressed. The oral health-related quality of life should be included as an indicator of oral health systems. And the new approach is needed for promoting oral health among Thai elderly men.
doi:10.38207/jcmphr/2021/0212257 fatcat:yyk5xufwr5bdfcpklihadnsmmi