Nano-powered nanobots could be useful in gene therapy delivery [post]

Moataz Dowaidar
2021 unpublished
Rapid improvements in robotic technology have resulted in significant advances in the field of enzyme biotechnology. The development of novel pathways in the field of enzyme engineering has been assisted by advancements in the manufacture of robotic platform technology. Biocompatible fuels may be used to control the movement of nanobots and enzyme-powered nanomotors, which makes them particularly interesting for use in medical applications (e.g., glucose, urea). Technology, regulatory, and
more » ... rcial barriers continue to stand in the way of the widespread use of nanobots in biotechnology and medicine. Recent developments, on the other hand, have demonstrated proof of concept and shown promise for the future. Nanobots have been shown to be useful in the administration of medication, and it is expected that future developments will change pharmaceutical and medical science.
doi:10.31219/ fatcat:ohsgqcnysnbxvesfbzmk2xonc4