Haemoglobin messenger RNA

G Marbaix, G Huez, A Burny, F Gautier, P Nokin, H Chantrenne
1974 Hamatologie und Bluttransfusion  
This is a short review on the isolation and translation in heterologous Systems of a 9 s RNA which carries the information of haemoglobin. Rabbit haemodobin (Hb) messenger RNA (mRNA) was the first eukaryotic genetic message t o be isolated, quite a long time ago (1). This was mainly due t o the fact that mammalian reticulocytes offer the favourable opportunity of being highly specialized cells whose protein synthesis is almost totally concerned with haemoglobin. Haemoglobin mRNA should amount
more » ... RNA should amount to about 90 % of total polysomal mRNA. Furthermore, and ß globin chains have such lengths that their mRNAs must
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