The effect of atomic response time in the theory of Doppler cooling of trapped ions

H. Janacek, A. M. Steane, D. M. Lucas, D. N. Stacey
2018 Journal of Modern Optics  
We describe a simple approach to the problem of incorporating the response time of an atom or ion being Doppler-cooled into the theory of the cooling process. The system being cooled does not in general respond instantly to the changing laser frequencies it experiences in its rest frame, and this "dynamic effect" can affect significantly the temperatures attainable. It is particularly important for trapped ions when there is a slow decay out of the cooling cycle requiring the use of a repumping
more » ... beam. We treat the cases of trapped ions with two and three internal states, then apply the theory to ^40 Ca^+. For this ion experimental data exist showing the ion to be cold under conditions for which heating is predicted if the dynamic effect is neglected. The present theory accounts for the observed behaviour.
doi:10.1080/09500340.2018.1428771 fatcat:sjh3wm6y7fed3kqg5kmffj5cva