AIRank: Author Impact Ranking through Positions in Collaboration Networks

Jun Zhang, Yan Hu, Zhaolong Ning, Amr Tolba, Elsayed Elashkar, Feng Xia
2018 Complexity  
Citation is a universally acknowledged way for scientific impact evaluation. However, due to its easy manipulability, simply relying on citation cannot objectively reflect the actual impact of scholars. Instead of citation, we utilize the academic networks, in virtue of their available and abundant academic information, to evaluate the scientific impact of scholars in this paper. Through the collaboration among scholars in academic networks, we notice an interesting phenomenon that scholars in
more » ... ome special positions can access more kinds of information and connect researchers from different groups to promote the scientific collaborations. However, this important fact is generally ignored by the existing approaches. Motivated by the observations above, we propose the novel method AIRank to evaluate the scientific impact of scholars. Our method not only considers the impact of scholars through the mutual reinforcement process in heterogeneous academic networks, but also integrates the structural holes theory and information entropy theory to depict the benefit that scholars obtain via their positions in the network. The experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of AIRank in evaluating the impact of scholars more comprehensively and finding more top ranking scholars with interdisciplinary nature.
doi:10.1155/2018/4697485 fatcat:yaxgaii2hvagpmdgz7ouoyxd6u