Automated Determination of a Package's Center of Mass

Ayaz Hemani
2013 Undergraduate Journal of Mathematical Modeling: One + Two  
In order to address the issue of increased efficiency and better planning for parcel shipments, an automated computer program was developed in Microsoft Excel that calculates center of mass and moments of mass with greater speed and reliability than currently implemented systems. This simple program requires only a variable density function and limits of integration for a given object as input within the spreadsheet system. Once the required input has been provided, a series of chain
more » ... s, with the help of a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) script, is able to process the input, which is done through integration and a Riemann sum. Furthermore, the foundation of the program can also be used for calculating other physical quantities of interest such as the moment of inertia or surface area of an object.
doi:10.5038/2326-3652.3.1.15 fatcat:7rv4pw62efbudenes2p77j6tjm