Use of dithiothreitol for improved visibility of the F body in human Y-bearing spermatozoa

U. C. Hegde, P. R. Shastry, S. S. Rao
1978 Reproduction  
Dithiothreitol was used to decondense the nuclear chromatin before staining human spermatozoa with quinacrine for the F body present in Y-bearing spermatozoa. In unseparated fractions and those enriched in Xor Y-bearing spermatozoa, the number of spermatozoa with F bodies increased by 2\p=n-\9% after dithiothreitol treatment.
doi:10.1530/jrf.0.0530403 pmid:690991 fatcat:bowq5ahdxrg5vnpv5umuzw4yc4