Static and high frequency magnetic and dielectric properties of ferrite-ferroelectric composite materials

Sangita S. Kalarickal, David Ménard, Jaydip Das, Carl E. Patton, Xubai Zhang, Louise C. Sengupta, Somnath Sengupta
2006 Journal of Applied Physics  
A series of sintered composite materials was fabricated from Parascan™ barium strontium titanate ͑BSTO͒ and Trans-Tech nickel zinc ferrite powders. The ferrite loading was varied from zero ͑BSTO only͒ to 100 wt % ͑ferrite only͒. X-ray diffraction data show the presence of a third, nonmagnetic phase that sets the ferrite loading at values somewhat lower than the as prepared wt % amounts. The average magnetization is found to scale linearly with the loading. The initial susceptibility, saturation
more » ... ibility, saturation field, and coercive force as obtained from hysteresis loop data show trends consistent with these data. Ferromagnetic resonance linewidth and effective linewidth measurements at 10 GHz show reasonable values for the 100 wt % samples, but any amount of BSTO causes a severe degradation in both loss parameters. Similarly, it is found that any amount of ferrite causes a rapid drop in the relative dielectric constant that is consistent with standard mixing models. Loss tangent measurements gave modest values in the 0.001-0.005 range at 1 MHz and much larger values in the 0.02-0.03 range at 10 GHz.
doi:10.1063/1.2357990 fatcat:tnscatdzzvgkxo6qbnvkouxd6e