2-DG as an adjunctive treatment in covid-19

Dr. Anthubatla Vamshi Krishna, Dr. I Suresh, Dr. Bottu Kalyani, Dr. Miryala Swamy
2021 International Journal of Advanced Research in Medicine  
COVID-19, the pandemic in recent years which had a global detrimental effect over the mankind and healthcare system. There is no specific treatment for as of now. Antivirals, antibiotics. Steroids and multiple pharmaceutical strategies were tried in treatment of COVID-19.As per the clinical trials, viral infected cells and glucose metabolism were targeted for the treatment of COVID-19 with 2-Deoxy D glucose. 2-DG has been given the Emergency Use Autherisation as an adjunctive therapy along with
more » ... standard of care in hospitalized patients. It acts by inhibition of viral replication and by inhibition of cytokine release. Aim: To study the role of 2-DG as an adjunct to proposed standard of treatment in COVID-19 patients. Materials and Methods: It is a cross sectional observational study conducted at Kamineni Academy of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Hyderabad. Results: We have observed that there is declined RR and early weaning of oxygen support in patient of COVID-19 with 2 Dg as an adjunctive modality. There was significant decrease in Oxygen support after administration of 2-DG. In the study among subjects who recovered mean day of administration of 2-DG drug was 6.00 ± 1.512 days and among subjects who expired was 7.33 ± 2.646. However there was no significant difference in Day of administration of first dose of 2-DG with respect to outcome. Conclusion: In this study we have observed significant benefits in mortality outcomes and oxygen requirements in patients receiving 2-DG along with standard care of management.
doi:10.22271/27069567.2021.v3.i2f.278 fatcat:woxqalmuy5cbzfkmiquqbmawue