Wedm Process Optimization for Machining Characteristcis of AISI 52100 Grade Alloy Steel

Debabrata Rath, Pratap Chandra Padhi, Sudhir Kumar, Inderjeet Singh, N. Nagaprasad, Ramaswamy Krishnaraj, Philip Eisenlohr
2022 Advances in Materials Science and Engineering  
The present study deals with one of such investigations, which focuses on optimization of the different machining parameters of WEDM for AISI 52100 grade steel. For this work, a standard design of experimentation (DOE) based on Taguchi L27 orthogonal array (OA) has been used by selecting 6 different input parameters of the WEDM for optimization of two output characteristics (surface roughness (Ra) and dimensional deviation (DD). The results suggest that Pulse on Time (Ton): 1µs, Pulse off time:
more » ... 18µs; Wire Feed (WF): 12mm/min, Spark Gap Set Voltage (SV): 20V, Wire Tension (WT): 1650, and Servo Feed (SF): 8units) are the best condition for the machining AISI 52100 grade steel as the roughness value (Roughness value: 1.02Ra) and dimensional deviation (Dimensional deviation: 0.02) obtained for these settings came to be least. From the result analysis of the current study, the pulse on time (Ton) was ranked at 1st, spark gap voltage came to be as 2nd rank parameter and pulse off (Toff) time was ranked 3rd, and wire tension was ranked at 4th position which significantly contributed towards the wire-EDM machining of AISI 52100 grade steel. Morphological analysis such as semi electron microscopic (SEM) analysis and 3D surface rendering also supported the observed surface and dimensional behaviour.
doi:10.1155/2022/6316799 fatcat:hs722rnhjzegfcgkkgw5qa7gpe