Rapid ultrasonic-microwave assisted synthesis of Eu3+ doped Y2O3 nanophosphors with enhanced luminescence properties

Jiawei Bi, Lixia Sun, Qiming Wei, Kewei Zhang, Linna Zhu, Shiqiang Wei, Dankui Liao, Jianhua Sun
2020 Journal of Materials Research and Technology  
A series of Eu 3+ doped Y 2 O 3 nanophosphors have been synthesized via an ultra-fast ultrasonic-microwave method followed by thermal annealing. The emission of Y 2 O 3 :Eu 3+ nanophosphors depends tremendously on the concentration of Eu 3+ ions and maximum emission intensity is achieved at 612 nm (red luminescence) with a doping concentration of 3 mol%. Moreover, the Y 2 O 3 :Eu 3+ nanophosphors in this work have much higher photoluminescence lifetime (1.570 ms) and quantum efficiency (80.88%)
more » ... than that synthesized by other methods. The results of chromaticity coordinates indicate that the Y 2 O 3 :Eu 3+ as red-emitting phosphor is promising candidate for white light-emitting diodes (LEDs).
doi:10.1016/j.jmrt.2020.06.056 fatcat:ydrt5pnsbfdofnylkw3uzh5ghm